Baidu recruit who is Lu Qi Chance to study in the United States eventually became a technical bull

Baidu today announced the appointment of Lu Qi as president and chief operating officer of Baidu group (COO), responsible for product, technology, sales, marketing operations. The appointment will take effect immediately.

Baidu existing business groups and the person in charge will report directly to Lu Qi, Lu Qi is directly to the Baidu group CEO Robin Li report.

and Shen Xiangyang, executive vice president of the world similar, Lu Qi was once the highest management positions in the u.s.. Lu, who is now 55 years old in IBM, YAHOO, Microsoft and other high-tech companies have worked in YAHOO Microsoft have had the experience of research and development of search engine technology.

so what is the life experience of this technology Daniel


Lu Qi was born in 1961 in Shanghai, a child was sent to the parents in a small town in Jiangsu grandpa home, due to environmental and malnutrition, poor eyesight and Lu Qi frail physique. Lu Qi young once job shipyard workers, but because the body is not being rejected. After the resumption of college entrance examination, he in 1980 with the efforts of the Fudan University, because of poor eyesight can not engage in physical experiments, the choice of computer science. Lu Qi spent 8 years in Wujiaochang school time, a road with excellent results obtained a master’s degree in computer science, and then taught at Fudan, five papers published in foreign journals, as the school’s academic star.

in a weekend due to wind and rain can not go home, Lu Qi students were invited to the Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Turing Award winner Edmund · Clark (Edmund Clarke) seminar on Lu Qi questions Clark impressive, and appreciated to the Carnegie Mellon University ph.d.. Since Lu Qi was only a few dozen yuan monthly salary, Professor Clark also removed him up to $45 application fee, and provides scholarships. Lu Qi got his doctor’s degree in 1996.

After graduating from

, Lu Qi because of the contents of the doctoral thesis and IBM research program related, and enter the IBM graduate student Almaden. 1998, Lu Qi and a classmate to eat dinner with YAHOO, a YAHOO executive said the idea to develop their own online shopping. The executive said he would like to go to a Yahoo Corp Lu Lu, Lu Lu until after Monday to YAHOO, found that Offer has been placed on the table. Subsequently, Lu Qi in the entry of YAHOO acquired a number of companies, the introduction of YAHOO’s own search engine, then put into the development of search advertising technology. 2007 Lu Qi was promoted to executive vice president of YAHOO.

2008, when he was Microsoft CEO Steve · personally hired Lu Qi joined Microsoft. At the end of the year Lu Gang as president of Microsoft Internet business. Microsoft hired Lu Qi also hope to be able to help in the acquisition of YAHOO, but ultimately Microsoft acquisition plan dashed. Lu Qi during his tenure to help Microsoft Bing search share rose from 8% to 20%, and through and Fa>

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