Bordalás’ latest weekly teleworking plan

first_imgAmong the Azulona squad, the general desire is to return, although with great caution. From an extraordinary season the best was left and the getafenses do not want to miss it, although as he acknowledges Jaime Mata: “If we return without an audience, it will not be the same, but at least it will be the fairest.” Each Sunday since the competition was suspended and the confinement began, José Bordalás sends a comprehensive work plan to his own. Bicycle exercises, running and some other instructions that each player must strictly follow. In fact, the technician forces them to send their daily weight and in some cases requires photography of the day. Everything under control with a lot of demand and also enough jokes among the group.This Sunday is no different and Bordalás together with Javier Vidal have scheduled the weekly work of their footballers thinking that the competition will return. This time it was special, because among the wishes and comments of the Azulones players is that this is the last plan to work at home. The desire to return to the Sports City is great, because as some Geta soccer players remember, they do not have “houses with kilometric gardens” and their means of work are more limited.last_img

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