Simplified Chinese domain name is not equivalent to the Chinese COM technology defects triggered lit

      not long ago, together with the "advertising.COM" registration invalid lawsuit caused widespread concern in the industry. In this lawsuit, the prosecution claim for damages due to 59100 yuan, "Chinese.COM" domain name system defects to the loss of their own.

      it is understood that the cause of the case is an advertising company to pay registration "ad.COM" domain name, registered in the business registration, website information display fee registration. Therefore, in the registration, the advertising company began to "ad.COM" domain name making company in all kinds of promotional advertising, business promotion. Unexpectedly, after a period of time to be notified, because the traditional domain name advertising.COM as early as 2000 has been registered, simplified Chinese advertising.COM simply can not be registered, but can not be used. Because the money is spent, the delay time, but can not be used, the advertising company will be responsible for providing a "ad.COM" registered service court.

      according to a registered dealer said, the real cause of events is "the international standard Chinese.COM" does not conform to the Chinese domain or Chinese equivalent. Simply speaking, simplified Chinese "ad.COM" and traditional Chinese "ad.COM" can not be equivalent, that is to say, they can be two the corresponding site completely different. This is Chinese.COM technical defects has existed since its launch, but has not yet been solved.

      insiders said that the Chinese.COM take a simplified domain name limit way, but because of the traditional and simplified domain name registration database into the system, the registration information can not be timely, management has become chaos. Registered enterprises can not obtain timely and accurate information to register whether the domain name has been registered, the ownership not only may lose their domain name, there may be loss of website promotion expenses, which may cause "ad.COM" and other similar cases occur frequently.

      industry insiders also said that due to the presence of specific technical defects, once a domain mail Chinese popularized, simplified traditional domain may correspond to the two completely unrelated recipients, the resulting chaos will spread from the website to the e-mail system.

      according to the relevant statistics show that as of the end of June 2007, the mainland of China Internet domain name registration number has reached 9 million 180 thousand, in which many users in the registration has encountered such problems caused by technical defects. However, due to the lack of awareness of the rights of a variety of reasons, many people have chosen to replace other domain names, rather than through legal means to safeguard their own rights and interests. However, some users also said that if the problem can not be resolved

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