RRNC domain name is the Americans

yesterday, as usual I opened my mailbox 163, suddenly received a letter, is English, some cannot read, find a translation tool to look, I was very happy, because my domain name is American fancy, the letter said, I asked whether the domain if you want to sell. Sell it to them there is a telephone message! This is the site to do to play, the domain name is not very, I do not know to do, ha ha, I still do not understand, please master pointing, domain name can really

domain name Description: RRNIC Network Information Research Center

Domain Description: rrnic is Research Report Network Information Center acronym, meaning the Network Information Center Research Report, Network Information Center NIC this means: Needless to say, network information center, NIC in front of the two letter domain name has been registered in many countries around the world, behind all the countries in the world have NIC Information Center under the State Council as the information center, the State Council is China www.cnnic.cn Canada, the State Council Information Center www.canic.com, the domain name now website traffic is large, every day to keep the Global 1000 advance

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