Amazon wants to grab the supermarket low end market poor people can also buy food online coupons


technology news Beijing time on January 18th morning news, this summer, Amazon will begin to accept to pay for online grocery orders to food stamps, the move is part of a pilot plan of the company and other six companies.

of the two-year plan SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Organization, may help to alleviate the phenomenon of the so-called food deserts, which in some areas, few residents have access to fresh food and grocery, at the same time, but also reduce the number of receive food aid unease.

throughout the United States for a total of five chain stores in the country to participate in the Ministry of Agriculture pilot, including Amazon, New York, FreshDirect, Maryland, Oregon and Washington state, Maryland, Safeway, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, ShopRite, and Hy Vee of Iowa, plus two small companies in New York, namely Hart’s Local and Grocers Dash’s Market.

this program will allow Amazon to enter the low income food market, where WAL-MART has always been the world. Amazon users living in Maryland, New Jersey and New York will be eligible to participate.

groceries can be ordered by paying delivery costs on Amazon website. Users must become senior members (usually $99 a year) and each order of not less than $49, in order to enjoy free shipping. To buy items that are prone to decay, such as fresh produce, dairy products and meat, senior members must pay $14.99 a month to become a member of the Amazon Prime Fresh. Food aid does not include delivery or membership fees.

Amazon may feel the need to cover all the grocery store customers, not just high-end customers. Food marketing expert Phil · (Phil Lempert); Lempert believes that WAL-MART is still the largest selling groceries, followed by the European discount grocery chain Aldi and Lidl, the two companies are hoping to expand business in the United states.

said that although the grocery business is Lempert, a potential new market, need a slightly different marketing campaign.

"for those who use food stamps, they mainly ‘computer’ is most probably a smart mobile phone, so they must be Amazon, these applications to download the Amazon shoppers buy groceries," he said.

Amazon said it was pleased to participate in the SNAP program, and promised to provide all customers with the lowest possible price, to help consumers buy goods online.

SNAP users can enjoy home delivery services, or to buy back a central area of the purchase of goods, is not yet known. But one thing is clear: senior members can not pay for food stamps. SNAP funds can only be used for the purchase of eligible online goods, and

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