Hand taught you to change the E7 address bar into Adsense search

IE7 browser to support the address bar search, in the address bar to enter the contents of the search, press enter, you can automatically open the search engine to find the content. IE7 in the default search engine is live search, this paper teach you the IE7 address bar search for a Google search, if you are a Google Adsense publisher, also can be replaced with your own Adsense account Google search (but be careful, you can’t click on the search results in advertising).

below through a detailed graphic presentation, step by step to teach you to achieve this function.

first step: click on the IE7 menu "tools" – "Internet options", and then click the "search" item in the "Settings" button

second step: in the subsequent change in the search default dialog box, click find more providers (see Figure 1)


(Figure 1)

third step: then open a new page, the "create your own" search settings page (see Figure 2)

fill in the URL box: http://s.www.google.cn/search? Q=TEST& client=pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, TEST capital, will be back into your own pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Google Adsense (Google Adsense, released on the background, in the upper right corner area can see


fills in any name in the name box, such as google

click "Install" button.


(Figure 2)

fourth step: check "set it as the default search provider", and click "add provider" button (see Figure 3)

is done by now.


(Figure 3)

now to test, in the IE7 address bar to enter any of the content, such as the "Olympic Games", press enter, IE7 will automatically open the Google to search for the "Olympic Games" (see Figure 4).


(Figure 4)

Description: you can use this method to help your friend’s computer so set, after your friends in the address bar for the search, it is equivalent to the use of your Google Adsense search box. Of course, you can also use your own computer, however, use their own

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