Leon2020 how to profit the nternet

Internet is undergoing a huge change. Is expected to reach 4 billion by 2020 the number of Internet users in the world, the vast majority of people will use different devices to access the Internet in different situations: computer, mobile phone, tablet and even wearable devices such as Google after Glass. In such a multi device split environment, the Internet should be how to convert the huge amount of money into gold and silver it?

previously Chris Dixon has been in the mobile application of gold four classification, the article proposes that the current mobile applications can be divided into the following categories according to the way people use the:

kill time applications: delegates are all kinds of games, such as fruit ninja and angry birds. This type of application is for users to use in a short period of time, such as waiting for people or queuing.

core applications: the core application is your home screen applications, cameras, photos, contacts, calendar, text messages, etc..

edge applications: this type of application will not normally appear on your home screen, but in some cases will be very useful. For example, when you need a taxi, Uber can help you find the real time empty. This type of edge applications generally focus on specific market segments, do fine do fine.

message reminder application: responsible for giving you a variety of reminders, such as to remind you want to buy things are now discounted or your PS3 forgot to close at home.

below we look at these four applications to see how the Internet in 2020 earnings.

kill time applications or rely on the content itself (such as pay for the game) to make money, or rely on advertising to make money. Social networking sites such as Facebook ad click rate may not be as good as other channels of advertising, but social networking sites can still greatly enhance the flow of brand awareness.

core applications are the main way to profit by the product itself or subscription services (such as your monthly bill) to profit. In the use of such applications, the user’s tolerance for advertising will be relatively low.

edge class applications will mainly rely on advertising to profit. But compared with the wide net on the way, this type of application of advertising will be more inclined to precise positioning, because of the use of this type of application is usually the same specific behavior to environment, such as a taxi or ordering application.

message reminder class application of the profit model may be more complex, integrated advertising, subscription services and Freemium three forms. Remind you of the rest of the class of personal efficiency reminder applications may provide free download, but with advertising, of course, there will be paid for the application of the ad free version of the discount to buy the application will mainly rely on advertising to remind the profit.

generally speaking, in addition to kill time classes and core applications outside the class, in 2020, the Internet is still as much as today’s advertising revenue.

device fragmentation = fragmentation of the market? "

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