The death of the three party the rise and fall of the third party Fortune Management nc Revelation

Once the

trust industry, third party financial market is no longer the best year, "third party" business model is worthy of reflection.

competition and survival

titanium media note: era changes too fast. Some once renowned institutions, perhaps in the next 2 to 3 years will disappear, but some new entrants may, by virtue of their own natural resources, leading the next stage of the industry trend. Recommended titanium media author on the third party Fortune Management Inc financial wonderful history:

that year, Wang Jingbo bring the team forced from home Xiangcai securities, the creation of Noah’s wealth. In the name of Noah, look at the time quite a taste of death. But at that time, she must not expect that Noah’s wealth is only 5 years, it has been completed from the original accumulation, rapid expansion, to the capital integration, the company listed on the whole process. And Noah in a short period of 5 years, he firmly secured the third party wealth management industry big boss.

after 2010, perhaps Noah wealth are just too bright, we have to focus their attention away from noah. But since then, a third party Fortune Management Inc feast begins. In 2010, Hu Tianxiang also send huge investment is only a Hangzhou trust trust sales business, he only spent 3 years will send huge investment to build a net profit of over 50 million enterprises. In those years, the first financial trust – plant system due to regulatory restrictions and business development, in a short period of 2 years, he quickly established a including Hengtian wealth, wealth, wealth, high Sheng Tang Xinhu wealth three huge sales network……

one, three party Xing

2008 is like a watershed, this year we ushered in the Chinese version of the QE, 4 trillion economic stimulus plan has brought plenty of M2. Rough estimate, 2008-2012 these 5 years, the total growth of domestic M2 almost as the sum of 1949-2008 in M2. The massive expansion of currency amount, a direct result of another batch has huge wealth of high net worth clients. This is a solid foundation for the rise of third party Fortune Management Inc.

when the CBRC issued a new round of trust license, at first just to serve as an effective supplement of bank indirect financing, the establishment of a sound capital market window. But in 2007, along with the trust of the "new two rules" promulgated by the trust plan as a direct financing tool has a lending function, quickly rise rapidly in the next 5 years, became the bank after the financial institutions total assets ranked second. While the rapid expansion in the volume of the trust company 6, 7 years, third party Fortune Management Inc natural big campaign, the flow, to fully enjoy the huge dividends trust industry rise.

2008, for many financial practitioners is a confused period, the external economic crisis led directly to the domestic

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