Daily topic review the history of the development of beauty did not rely on the beauty of Taobao sai

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 10th news, recently said the beautiful official said, as of June 2014, there have been more than 10000 businessmen stationed beautiful fashion platform, there are more than 500 thousand items through the beautiful platform to complete the transaction every day. In addition, the beautiful side announced that it will soon launch the beautiful 100 program, focusing on supporting the daily sales of over 100 women’s high quality fashion business.

beauty is said to be the largest domestic female fashion media, in November 2009 founded by Xu Yirong in Beijing, Zhongguancun, is committed to solving the problem of dressing, skin care and other issues for female users. Since its inception, beauty has more than 35 million registered users, more than 3 million 400 thousand daily active users; more than 18 million mobile phone users, mobile phone users more than 1 million 150 thousand daily active; more than ten women are related to mobile phone applications, iOS and Android two mobile platform coverage, is one of the fastest-growing Internet Co China.

says this kind of like a beautiful shopping guide website is mainly parasitic on Taobao, data show that in 2013, beautiful said Taobao to bring the turnover has exceeded 3 billion yuan, from Taobao to get commissions only tens of millions of dollars. It should be, this model is a win-win model, for Taobao is beautiful and beautiful, said this new community sharing model to attract more female users, traffic is bigger, the average UV PC wireless Daily has reached as high as 5 million, occupies a small proportion in Taobao’s traffic sources. Taobao to control the flow of the source of its commission to cut the entrance, the flow of beauty is also said all the way down, which also led directly to the transformation of the beautiful said the establishment of its own trading platform, the transformation platform electricity supplier.

transformation from simple shopping guide website platform providers, the difficulties faced by the old shopping guide website is far more than the product is not rich, can not stick to the user so simple. From the shopping guide website to the development platform for electricity providers, shopping guide site workload increased significantly, both in terms of operations, technology or management are facing a series of new problems. In the first month, the day that the merger of beautiful product network and cookery shook, key input to the mobile terminal. Data show that the beauty of mobile client installed capacity of more than 75 million, from the end of the order of the transaction volume has more than 65%.

latest data show that beautiful said its own platform since last November on the line, trading volume continues to rise. In February this year, mogujie.com monthly turnover of more than 120 million yuan, has been close to the beginning of the month of’s monthly turnover of $160 million into Taobao. Shopping guide website already start the transformation of the electricity business platform, but how the future is yet to be seen.

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