To steal food from the fire missed the entire nternet now can not escape the fate to happy net

when the company rebounded from the bottom, and gradually to the right time, it is time to say goodbye to everyone."


happy network founder Cheng Binghao said in his resignation message. This once with "steal food boom" star hit poineering company, after 8 years of business after a long journey, and ultimately failed to escape the fate of being bought.

Last night,

listed company announced that the game is smart, and for Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the happy person information) identified transactions, the two sides signed the "issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets framework agreement", race for the intelligent intends to acquire 100% equity interest in the information of happy people. This means that Kaixin officially SOLD itself to an external company, meanwhile, founder Cheng Binghao and his management team announced goodbye.

social networking

the past, happy net in the field of social networking performance is dazzling". According to public information, happy net won Aurora $3 million of investment in September 2008, April 2009 Sina and Qiming venture investment of $20 million, the company said its core users for Chinese social wealth and the mainstream culture of the people of Shanghai and create — Beijing, Guangzhou and other large and medium-sized city white-collar groups.

really let the happy network is a fire in 2008, the whole people to steal food boom, when many players are set up alarm clock to steal food early in the morning. At that time, SNS and social games popular level did not weak in today’s entertainment and consumption concept, "steal food" and "grab spaces" today has become a "antique", but at the time it was the field of science and technology more avant-garde Internet products.

at the beginning of December 2009, happy net has nearly 70 million registered users, more than 2 billion pageviews, landing every day more than 20 million users. Alexa global web site rankings, happy network ranked eighth in China, ranking first in China SNS website.

2011 Iran, happy net external claims will seek listing to the United States, Cheng Binghao said "happy net in the future will not be too long time will be listed."

also commented that outside than, happy net essence is more like a Facebook, it connects in the campus outside the scope of the workplace social, it is also the most promising to become a company the real meaning of "Chinese FB".

start-up phase of the happy network is a simple technology + concept of the company: excellent technical ability + simple product concept, which supports the initial success of the happy network.

missed the social era

however, in the development of the company, the market is changing, happy network "technology + concept" overriding all other operational logic has not changed. A Internet Co turned out.

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