Build brand from the media influence magnetic field SWOT analysis

sometimes I think, we are on the network, from the dazzling variety of information, a variety of advertising, why can go to recognize a brand, and ultimately decided to pay, what is the most critical motivation?

we need that product… We think his content is valuable… We love this brand… We trust this man… Their cheap… It’s on sale today… Many of us are stupid and impulsive… And many other reasons, are likely to become a key factor in determining our purchase.

but whatever the reason, I think it can be summed up in one sentence: we are affected by the information of the layout.

think of this, I think, in fact, the so-called network marketing, the core is to transmit influence it?

network marketing planners, through a series of combination of information through various channels, in various ways, including ads promotional guide and so on, to show us the full range of various properties, advantages of the brand or product and interests. The purpose is to influence our thinking to success, so that we do not think that he is a mistake to buy, and then pay the. If it doesn’t work, we may not buy it.

so, the strength of influence, for the final transaction, is a core element. Like a magnetic field, if the magnetic force is strong enough, we will be attracted, and finally went to clinch a deal that ring, the magnetic force is not enough, I’m sorry, I left.

in the current network communication to the center of the trend, to build a brand from the media, is the best and most convenient way to pass the influence. Whether it is business or personal, you can build a brand from the media, to affect the target groups you want to influence.

to create the influence of the magnetic field, we do brand planning from the media, the purpose is this. And you can also follow this line of thought to do a variety of projects on the network.

so to create a brand from the media, the influence of the magnetic field, the first is what?. Locate from analysis.

marketing analysis methods, the most famous is the SWOT analysis. Here I say, SWOT is the four of the first letter of the word, which is a competitive advantage (strength), a competitive disadvantage (weakness), (opportunity) opportunities and challenges (threat), S and W, which focuses on the analysis of advantages and disadvantages, is on its own, O and T, and also is the opportunity the challenge is, on the analysis of the external environment.

this is a more basic and most widely used marketing analysis concept. We can use this method to build the "influence of the magnetic field," the first step: analysis.

for example to say, if the Chen Ranzhi blog, as a media to brand planning, so I first step, before starting to build this blog, we must first do a through analysis: < >

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