Lament a senior nternet entrepreneurs era coming to an end but who is the final winner

Abstract: Internet head effect is very obvious. BAT three, in 2015 a total of about 80 thousand employees, creating a revenue of $270 billion, that is, less than 3% of the industry’s labor force, creating nearly half of the industry GDP.

money stack Internet era

2010 is the first time that I graduated from MBA and worked in china. Comparison of placid abroad, domestic immediately let people feel the age of the Internet tide.

is the most intuitive what the customer?.

I have a lot of tens of dollars in the t-shirt. Then never took the ad Han Han, where the customer is endorsement. "I am not what the standard bearer, not who’s endorsement, I am Han Han, I’m like". The exciting moment. Han Han is our spokesman. That was the first time Chen Ou launched the "I speak for myself," the ad, I immediately felt the United States to fire.

The popularity of

in 2011 the electricity supplier rate is still very low, where the Internet advertising in 2011 more than 1 billion, second only to Taobao at the time. This is a bold choice, with a large advertisement market to burn out, is a pipe dream Qin Chi wine was also a very influential BBK.

however, this play no achievement in. We lost a lot of argument, can not completely blame advertising. Can say is that we also feel that aggressive advertising is too expensive, want to wait for the second half of 2011, but in 2011 the group purchase "thousand group war" began, the company not only did not care about the profits of the whole group purchase, gross profit would sacrifice this; in 2015 almost become a new Internet giant norm. The result is that the Internet advertising prices, as prices northward deeper, never down.

The concept of

subsidies, probably from the era of group buying. If the cultural shirt can be differentiated, then dozens of companies to grab a user’s movie tickets, daily food and beverage consumption entrance, it is really homogeneous to no more complex. Subsidies can only grab users.

buy a lot of Companies in the industry did not see the final money. According to the group 800, IT oranges and media fragmented reports, buy the top of the head of the company’s total financing of $7 billion in the back of the 5000 companies into the number of funds, how much capital and savings, unknown to the. In 2016 the United States Mission and comments into Xinmei, the final valuation is $15 billion. There is no second, in addition to Baidu’s own glutinous rice.


on the first place in group purchase, but then O2O war, hungry incoming, elongated group purchase company front, will continue to burn subsidies.

although it has not yet seen the new high into the capital market, but through subsidies for quick access to the user, has been the soul of entrepreneurs and investors. In China, there is no better way to give money. From 2011 onwards

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