And WeChat paid on today Alipay direct free single highest 999

Alipay and WeChat on the bar.

today, WeChat August 8th no cash day event officially opened today in the country under the line of activities using WeChat store users to pay for the transaction, you can get double benefits.


also called "a not resigned to playing second fiddle, and eggs, as a free single, directed at WeChat to pay. It is reported that today Alipay online payment per minute, there is a free single, highest free 999, a total of 1440 places.

fact, after Alipay launched the "Alipay, taking 100 million minus gold" activities. It is reported that Alipay launched a 100 day "day minus" interaction, before October 31st, the users of Alipay online payment business, can enjoy 999 yuan less than the random minus concessions, the entire investment one hundred million, the user can see the real-time updates in the Alipay home page one hundred million.

July 20th -10 31, Alipay mobile phone client (9.5 and above) in a random stand by a maximum of 999 yuan to pay for the payment of business activities using posters, can enjoy 999 yuan within random minus concessions.



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