The PR value update time prediction Goolge

What is the site of the PR value

website PR value (called PageRank), is part of a Google search ranking algorithm in the level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important, that is to say, under the same conditions, the higher PR value the web search results in the Google rankings have the priority. This is the most basic explanation of the PR value.

why the website PR value updateThe

PR value of the update is a Google update algorithm. The PR value and is not updated at the same time, is a data center with a data center update. During the PR value of the update, if your website PR value change, don’t also not too nervous excitement. In the process of the PR value update, Google will return to the last update your website, then after a period of time to update.

Forecast of

time to update the

prThe update time is

PR value beyond our grasp, because we do not know what time the PR value update. But from our years of experience, the website PR value of the update is also a certain rule. General website PR value update at month 13 and 27 about the update. The PR value of the update cycle is 65 to 120 days, but is most common in about 3 months.

update during the site the PR value, we can not control the size of the PR value of the site, we can do is to do some search engine optimization positive for our website (SEO), such as: add original content, website external links, web page optimization etc..

sometimes, in the PR value of the site before the update, the proper use of some cheating skills (black hat SEO) is also possible. The most important thing is not to affect the user experience. The user is offended, offended God (^_^).

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