and the Baidu golden wedding

if someone is going to "K" I have to ask me: "who do you love?"

I wouldn’t hesitate to say "she"".


"she" yesterday I got "K", K is so simply, then the injured all over the body. However, I will never forget four months ago; I will not forget the meeting with her. All of this is still fresh in memory.

scene such as the the Yellow River dam break water off the reel somersault over, eyes are tempted to blur.

that was four months ago……

I was born in a computer room in a company in Shenzhen".

my father’s name is Lei Yongjun. He’s very learned. Remember when he gave up the stable and superior treatment of Yunnan single came to Shenzhen. With a cavity enthusiasm and ambition, ready to play in the city of Shenzhen. However, he did not find the horse to enjoy his horses, his will gave birth to me.

when I was born, my father gave me a name. And give my name to a special include: "the study of computer computer failure, the authority of the failure of first aid program. Sincerely for the family, schools, enterprises, Internet cafes and other computer office sites to provide computer failure, fault information, computer emergency information. To become the most professional computer fault Chinese emergency network." I also added a little professional knowledge (add article). I do not know what to do at first, then I knew he was going to take me to a blind date (to the Baidu landing page) but also afraid of no blind date of knowledge prepared. I started to find out that dad was really careful! (


soon my father took me to see her".

she is so beautiful! It is very simple: wearing a white dress, elegant long hair wearing a red scarf, scarves in a blue crystal; innocent eyes from time to time to shine with wisdom; just like a fairy.

"Hello, my name is Baidu" fairy cherry small mouth spread out wonderful curve

Hello, my name is computer breakdown." I take it leisurely and unoppressively

what your name is so special! "The fairy smiled

"my dad gave me, let you laugh." I’m a little embarrassed

"your dad is very knowledgeable, and you know that your name has a different meaning." The fairy is very serious

"how do you know?… After that I found myself very silly

talked for a long time…… ..

until the fairy said, "we can’t talk any more, and wait for me. Let’s talk next time! "

"well, 88" I waved goodbye to her

then I found that there are a lot of people waiting for her, it seems slim chance

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