Elong where the first instance of the contract dispute elong awarded 50 million yuan

[Abstract] elong said, because of where to go to the company’s interest in Beijing to take over the unauthorized termination of the cooperation with elong signed a three year hotel inventory agreement, eLong in 2013 filed a lawsuit to the court.

Tencent Francisco January 1st, eLong today released the latest progress and where litigation, said in December 26, 2014 the Beijing first intermediate people’s court, where its take interest in Beijing should be in accordance with the contract in accordance with the distribution agreement, did not reach the night of its commitment to pay elong cause the loss of 52 million 330 thousand yuan.

art dragon said, because of where the Beijing subsidiary of qunar terminates the hotel inventory and elong signed a cooperation agreement for a period of three years (the agreement and the supplementary agreement called the "distribution agreement"), eLong in 2013 filed a lawsuit to the court.

court of first instance verdict includes:

court decided to terminate the notification letter issued by the interest in Beijing invalid, Beijing fun to terminate the agreement in advance of the termination of the distribution agreement, Beijing fun to take the view that elong breach of agreement has not been supported;

court, take interest in Beijing should be restored and distribution business elong domestic hotel front pay inventory, continue to perform the distribution agreement;

court, since October 1, 2014 to take interest in Beijing actual recovery of domestic hotel front pay stock distribution partners, (but not more than June 30, 2016), according to the nature of not less than four hundred and fifty thousand per quarter night as the standard, should take interest in Beijing night which did not reach the standard of twenty-seven yuan per night to continue. ELong qunar to set up ads in Beijing put recharge account pay the corresponding compensation, every quarter of a natural settlement.

court, eLong qunar paid for Beijing to take interest in breach of contract termination of the distribution agreement to Beijing (July 1, 2013 to September 5, 2013) produced by the Commission, RMB eight million one hundred and twenty-seven thousand four hundred and two yuan ($one million and three hundred thousand).

court to take interest in Beijing to pay legal fees to elong costs two hundred and twenty-seven thousand five hundred and ninety-nine yuan ($thirty-seven thousand).

finally, the court litigation fees by the parties according to the different proportion of bearing.

elong and any party interested in Beijing, such as refusing to accept the court ruling, the court may be served within fifteen days from the date of the court of appeal to the higher people’s Court of Beijing. This judgment of the court shall come into force after the appeal period or after the entry into force of the appeal.

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