Brain long pus people want to ban P2P

      I hate to ban the word. It’s too strong. For example, blocking the site, blocking posts, blocking the theme, blocking a person, the ban, the ban that. China did not do a good job of environmental protection, there are a lot of wind and sand every year, but also to ban, really hateful.

      it can be just a long head of pus, and this block today, tomorrow to block that. Every year there are representatives of NPC and CPPCC, proposal to ban foreigners to beijing. Every year over the Ocean Festival, it was proposed to ban Christmas Thanksgiving day. Of course, to explore the future of the Internet, it is necessary to jump out, to ban P2P. Because without him, because this people have long pus.

      ban foreigners to Beijing, will be able to achieve, is that Beijing is an island, to open Beijing visa, but also to people entering the door. Is quite large, said the same as not to say. Blocking foreign festival, it is ridiculous. Festival is the freedom of people, I can even declare that the annual Lunar New Year August 16th is the day of the ban, every year on March 16th is sand day, who cares? The difficulty is quite large.

      while blocking P2P, it seems easy to implement. If there is pus head and put forward some views, what P2P said broadband occupied 70%, destroyed the copyright protection, bring the network problem is not safe, the most important is not to bring any economic benefits, but also the costs of electricity and so on, might really have come to the right department for blocked. In this way, there are some people’s economic interests driven by the technical difficulty is not large, it seems to be really easy to ban. We also know that a few years ago began to block P2P. Poor represents the Internet trend of P2p, it was some people under the guise of the name of the ban. Because of the freedom of the user, can be blocked by the will of the people. Freedom is a long process, but it can be shortened.

      it’s easy to kill people with technology, just to see if you have the right. Unless you feel like you’ve got a long head, you shouldn’t have thought of it first! You should first think of how to manage, how to guide!

      Ps. Some operators do not own broadband construction, blindly want users to pay more but less bandwidth, please do not understand some of the experts published the news that what frightful to the ear, P2P will get the Internet, I think the Internet will not die, people would be dead funny. The operators do not want to invest, people spend money broadband to read a few pages, how incompetent fond dream!

      27 update: read Liu Huafang’s message, I admire him.


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