U S flash purchase site Fab on the line half a user 1 million 200 thousand valuation of 200 millio

to understand the flash purchase this thing, you can look at a group of numbers: a website called Fab.com in the eastern United States time at 11 am every day about the introduction of about 10 of the design products on sale. As long as it has not yet been sold out, Fab users can in each commodity limited within a period of 72 hours on the orders, there is a 30 percent off discount. However, the user must complete the payment after the next 12 minutes, otherwise the goods will return to shelves for other users to panic buying.

Fab.com is relying on such a business model on the line in 2011, within six months has 1 million 200 thousand users, and then maintain a monthly growth of 300 thousand members, and now there is no weakening trend.

"flash" is not a new concept, do four years of luxury flash shopping site Gilt Group in 2011 to increase the turnover to $500 million, launched in 2009 Home Furnishing decoration flash shopping site One Kings Lane valuation is more than $440 million. But Fab unprecedented sales target locked in the Daily Design (daily design) on the.

in the discussion after dinner, Fab CEO Jason Goldberg and chief creative officer Bradford Shellhammer found that in the United States has reached the billion scale flash purchase in the market, the product design is blank. More importantly, do the design market, you can sell and sell the product design. No need to explain too much, the design of the product itself is the most eye-catching advertising, and sometimes even good results to unexpected. We choose some creative products on the site, there are kites, bicycles, speakers, maps, etc.. Surprisingly, the sale of the most popular products are outdoor sowing machine." Goldberg said.

so all UI Fab design to highlight the design as the theme. When you open the purchase page of the Fab product, the picture is always as simple and elegant as the photographic work, rich in detail. The product page on the right half of space is left to the designer describes the design idea, or to talk about the story. Shellhammer needs to carry out final audit of all products sold on Fab. Graduated from the Parsons School of design in New York, Shellhammer worked at home design website Design Within Reach’s and design magazine Dwell. He said, "I like the products that combine creativity, form and function. If it was just a lifeless Beige pillow, we will not sell it."

Fab sales based on impulse spending. Millions of users, 28% of people can not resist the temptation to design and creative products purchased on Fab. November 2011, Fab received a total of 100 thousand orders, with an average weekly sales of $1 million 400 thousand. It is estimated that by the end of 2011, the total sales of Fab can exceed 20 million

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