2009 China nternet Conference held in Beijing today

news November 29th, sponsored by the world media group · quenching Web "; sword" – 2009 China IT NPC and CPPCC — fifth years of Internet will be held in the National Stadium in Beijing today.

the theme of the conference is "sword – China quenching. Internet 2009 adversity prosperity", is intended to review and summarize the 2009 China Internet financial storm struck chill, the real economy hit, has experienced ten years of golden key moment, can now be said to be quenched into steel, the scenery is good.

in the past year, Chinese companies among the world’s top Internet Co market value of more than $400 per share; China Internet Corporation; China Internet users exceeded 300 million mark, the rapid development of mobile Internet, the Internet market growth momentum is gratifying, affected by the larger Internet advertising industry in the financial tsunami, has two consecutive quarters the larger the growth of virtual economy represented by the Internet is the development of a strong toughness and it is flexible and resilient in the face of the crisis, sword lead through the financial storm, leading the real economy towards recovery.

quenching steel, most of the guests think, Chinese was earlier than other countries out of the financial crisis, the enterprise is not affected too much during the financial meltdown, but there have been rapid growth. This phenomenon to a certain extent, the Internet represents a new technology, efficient business, interaction, application of the way, just in such a harsh environment to get access to development opportunities. Chinese Internet sword trend to become this winter the most let a person admire the scenery.

China "IT" NPC and CPPCC "computer world Internet Conference", is the only one Chinese by IT industry senior media held the annual festival, 2008, IT NPC and CPPCC has been successfully held 9 sessions, the Internet will be the success of the 4 years. Has been focused on the perspective of brand media, from the depth of the industry vertical and objective, careful and accurate interpretation of the status quo and future of China’s Internet and applications.

review the previous successful meeting, annual meeting of computer world Internet not only for marketing, technology and application level is the core of the Internet industry in depth analysis, accurate forward-looking guidance for the future trend, with the aid of computer world media group’s strong media influence on the Internet, the computer world theme and guest view in depth reports and widely spread, bring the unique opportunity to enhance the brand value of cooperative enterprises, for the various parties to build a business platform, mining more business opportunities.

The fifth session of the

Internet Conference, by the government executives, experts and well-known names in the industry, the Internet marketing agencies and Internet operators to carry out annual inventory. Director of the Department of electronic information, computer world media group chairman Li Ying,… Xu Chao attended the meeting and delivered a speech. IDG senior vice president of Asia Pacific president Xiong Xiaoge and other well-known business representatives in the general assembly made a keynote speech. < >

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