Mission-Critical Meets All-Flash

first_imgIT organizations are modernizing their data centers at an accelerated rate. The newly engineered VMAX All Flash storage family that we announced today combines the trusted data services and enterprise scale of VMAX with the performance and density of high-capacity flash drives. The result is a proven platform capable of delivering new levels of scale and performance to help modernize IT more quickly and with lessrisk.It has been an extremely exciting time for the VMAX team as we worked to get this product available for our users’ data centers. There has been a buzz in the air, not just because engineers like to work on cool technology and innovation, but because the entire team is jazzed and confident they have built a platform for our users that can help transform their IT infrastructures and radically improve the way they manage and support their most-critical applications.So why VMAX All Flash? It’s because we truly believe that the combination of all- flash technology with the enterprise capabilities of VMAX is a critical success factor for the modern data center. Almost every CIO we meet who is responsible for large-scale enterprise environments has a common set of criteria for systems that support their critical applications. These include:Supporting an extensive ecosystem to provide a common, standardized way of delivering storage services for a range of platform, OS, hypervisor, and application types.Delivering management, automation, and simplicity at enterprise scale to abstract the underlying technology to eliminate manual administration and lower operational costs.Providing massive consolidation and efficiencies with flash technology to enable predictability, scale, and control for service provider and large enterprise requirements.Enable rock-solid replication and integrated backup data services to protect mission-critical apps, maintain “always on” data availability, and avoid disasters.VMAX All Flash meets this checklist in a way that no other product in the industry can. Building on customer expectations of VMAX as the most trusted array on the planet, VMAX All Flash is a major leap forward in delivering the capabilities of the modern data center.We are proud of the team and the innovation they have put into this platform. We are also thankful to our users who have placed their trust in VMAX to manage some of the world’s most-critical apps, a responsibility everyone on the team thinks about every day. And we are excited for the future, as we aim to deliver even more innovation and greater business value, without compromising the reasons why VMAX remains at the heart of the modern data center.last_img read more

Connecting the Orphans of Jhamtse Gatsal to the World

first_img“Seeing right there in the moment we changed their lives.”I can only hope that my words above capture the trip of a lifetime. My team and I set out on a journey with Mike Libecki of National Geographic.Mike is a long-time partner of Dell. He has used Dell’s Latitude Rugged Laptops and Precision Workstations on his journeys to remote areas of the world. Mike’s passion for exploring the unknown has carried down to his daughter Lillianna.With this passion, Lilliana and her father have created the Joyineering Foundation to provide technology to students in remote areas. As a true partner, Mike challenged the Dell team to become part of the journey to open a technology lab for an orphanage in a very remote area of Anruchal Pradesh, Eastern India. In January we agreed to put six members of my team on the ground with Lilliana & Mike.  Learn more about Jhamtse Gatsal and its founder Buddhist monk Lobsang Phuntsok in this special documentary.The students range from ages 4-18 and this would be the first time they would ever experience technology that would now open the world to them. The plan included providing twenty Dell Latitude Education devices that would be connected to the internet and powered by solar panels and a solar generator for the 80+ students at Jhamtse Gatsal. After days of hard work we were there, in the moment, to experience how Dell’s technology changed their lives.After some serious travel, we learned a little bit about what Mike likes to refer to as the “full-value” experience. That means, you’re in it with no turning back, “living the dream” and there isn’t good or bad… there’s just joy or “pre-joy,” that challenging part of life you push through until you hit the next great moment.Lilliana Libecki, Mike’s 14-year-old daughter, likes to say, “In a world where we can be and do anything, be kind and do good.”I don’t know that I can put it any better. On this trip, I saw a group of people work together to pull off a fantastic result. I’m more than pleased to say it was an overwhelming success, and the solar power gear we set up will not only support the school but also the surrounding homes in the village.It’s difficult to put into words the reward you experience on just such an outing. Similarly, while our project generated excitement and gratitude from those we came to help, our team was equally affected by the love and compassion that we watched these people pour out on the children they’ve taken in, and how they were equally welcoming of us in their village. What they had, they shared joyfully.I am so proud to work for Dell where there is such a strong focus on giving, and where we celebrate leaving behind a #LegacyofGood. Kudos and thanks to the Dell team that came to India which includes Shannon MacKay, Claudia Davila, Munira Baldiwala, Mark Rehmann, and Chris Ware… and to Jeff Morris and the extended team for assisting us from afar.This was one of the most inspirational and emotional experiences of my life. The spirit of everyone involved was lifted up and the reception and gratitude from the community was just overwhelming. We went to make a difference … we left with an experience of a lifetime touched by the students of Jhamtse Gatsal.All 📸 by @mikelibecki Read the story about Dell’s Solar Powered Learning Labs, a Dell Youth Learning program that helps deliver sustainable and affordable connectivity to schools in some of the most underprivileged areas of the world.last_img read more

Customers Need a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure For a Resilient, Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy – Partners Can Help

first_imgIn 2017, there were more than 5,000 publicly disclosed data breaches, according to Risk-Based Security. The implementation of sweeping regulations, as well as the damaging effects of financial penalties and brand reputation, have elevated the need to protect and secure data.Unfortunately, outdated legacy infrastructure can make it difficult to defend against risks and vulnerabilities. Organizations need modern infrastructure that is built, deployed and supported to handle even the most-demanding workloads.Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) does just that while also creating new, margin-rich opportunities for channel partners.The Partner Opportunity: Protecting Your Customer’s Sensitive DataAs security breaches make headline news, customers are looking to channel partners to solve this pervasive— and potentially costly—challenge. With the ability to start small and scale out, HCI not only gives partners an ideal entry point to quickly demonstrate value, it also accelerates the sales cycle and creates on-going opportunities for growth as customer needs evolveThe Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, developed jointly with VMware, is a secure, resilient hyper-converged infrastructure system that protects vSphere®-based virtual environments. VxRail is built on the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge™ servers and Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with embedded hardware and system-level security features that include:Cryptographically signed and verified firmware to ensure the server executes only the intended version of firmware, BIOS and hypervisor while preventing the undetected introduction of malware.Encryption that protects the confidentiality of data in use, in motion and at rest.Flexibility to encrypt on a per-VM basis, allowing a single cluster to have both encrypted and non-encrypted VMs.Key management services compatible with the KMIP 1.1 standard.Why Partners Are Ideally Positioned to Secure VMware-Based Environments with HCIIT organizations want solutions that can be quickly implemented to minimize risk exposure. However, they also need solutions from proven, trusted partners who can bring the right solution. Fortunately, this means that partners can realize faster time to revenue, while also enabling the addition of value-added services that will contribute to long-term profitability. The flexible scale-out design of HCI can also help reduce the cost of delivering support, creating yet another opportunity for partners to impact the bottom line.Why is VxRail the HCI solution of choice for channel partners who want to maximize the opportunity to secure VMware-based environments?VMware vSphere has a “secure by default” intent whereby system configurations are set for secure bias by default and, depending on the risk profile of the business, the system configuration can also be further hardened. Using the Dell EMC VxRail STIG compliance scripts with automation tools, VxRail can be quickly and easily configured to a hardened state as well. The STIG can also be used to monitor the secure state of the system and, if necessary, revert the configuration back to a known secure state.In order to support efficient lifecycle management and reduce complexity, the VxRail team engineers, tests, and releases updates to all system software components as a bundle. A software bundle can include updates to BIOS, firmware, hypervisor, vSphere, or any of the included management components.VxRail Manager reduces lifecycle management complexity while making infrastructure more secure by reducing the time and risk normally associated with patching. Fixes are quickly developed to mitigate the threat when vulnerabilities are detected, and then extensively tested on the VxRail platform before being released to customers. Automated notification proactively lets administrators know when to apply system updates, which can be applied while the system remains online to avoid business disruption.The Opportunity for Partners Is Real: Start Securing Customer Infrastructure Today with HCIAs a fully integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family, VxRail gives channel partners a unique opportunity to impact a customer’s bottom line—and their own—by dramatically simplifying IT operations, accelerating time to market, and delivering incredible return on investment.Read the complete paper and prepare to talk to customers about the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure for a resilient, adaptive cybersecurity strategy. Then share the five steps to protecting your virtualization environment with customers and start a conversation about VxRail.last_img read more

Driving Sustainability in Public Procurement for a Better Tomorrow

first_imgThis post is co-authored by Louise Koch, Corporate Sustainability Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Dell EMC.We are at a tipping point in human history with two major trends coming together. On one side, we have the dawn of the digital era which will transform business and society in many ways. On the other side, we are facing global sustainability challenges on a scale that requires global and local action. Every year, we use more resources than the earth can regenerate. What use is all this digital innovation if we won’t be there to see it?We believe that digital solutions hold the potential to be a significant driver of sustainable development and progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. However, this can only be realized through collaboration between the industry, governments, and civil society in a joint effort to minimize the footprint and maximize the positive impact of technology for people and environment.This week, Dell Technologies announced our call to action for sustainable IT public procurement, urging European Governments and the IT industry to work together to ensure that the €45 billion of public money that currently goes into IT procurement, also drives increased sustainability across the region and in global supply chains. We have always recognized the importance of sustainable technology and we are proud to champion this vitally important initiative at a time when organizations and individual citizens are increasingly concerned about social and environmental issues.Right now, we have a major opportunity to influence transformation towards a more sustainable, circular economy therefore the time for action is now!Call for collaborationWe know from our own conversations with customers that governments, businesses and even citizens are pushing for greater sustainability, good working conditions and reduced waste. But, until now, most IT procurement decisions have been made upon cost grounds only, with limited consideration of the impact upon the local or global environment.A recent report on sustainability in public procurement of IT in Europe by the research agency Oxford Analytica points to a number of barriers to progress. These include, limited awareness among public procurement professionals on existing industry best-practice and sustainability standards, as well as ongoing difficulties in developing and applying clear and relevant criteria to include lifecycle considerations and supply chain responsibility in public procurement of IT. The report also recommends a collaborative approach to enhance the dialogue between EU and government stakeholders, public procurers, and the IT industry.With around €1.8tn of European public spending often going to the cheapest contracts, it’s time to question the old logic and ensure that contracts are awarded not only to benefit the budget, but also to drive progress towards national sustainability commitments.Today we’re calling on the following key players to drive greater sustainability in public procurement:The European Commission: To help develop guidelines for the implementation of social and environmental sustainability in public IT procurement contracts, in close collaboration with industry, civil society, and national government stakeholders, by providing key insights into public procurement and sustainability in the region and helping to build capabilities to empower public procurement authorities to implement the required criteria.National Governments: To promote the use of sustainability criteria as a default in public procurement, in line with international frameworks from the EU, UN, OECD, and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), whilst fostering industry collaboration to better understand sustainability challenges and opportunities and developing national programs to increase awareness and capacity building.IT Industry: To continuously drive improvements in environmental and social sustainability in products, operations, and the supply chain, and engage with EU Commission and national governments to share best practices and innovations for enhancing sustainability across the IT lifecycle.We are proud to do our partSustainability and corporate responsibility aren’t PR-exercises. As a European business community, we need to actively support and instigate genuine action from both public and private sector partners on sustainability. By driving market demand for sustainable IT products, a cumulative step-change in impact can be achieved.At Dell Technologies, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. A central part of our circular design approach is to consider sustainability at every stage of a product’s lifecycle – from the initial design concept to its use and eventual recycling. Our goal is to achieve zero waste by ensuring that every part of our products can be reused or recycled, and we’re making big strides towards it. For example, more than 90 percent of a Dell laptop is recyclable.We launched our sustainability strategy in 2013 – with 22 ambitious goals across four key pillars to achieve by 2020 – working to achieve the following goals:Build sustainable and ethical supply chains.Care for the environment through design, planning and recycling in our products and operations.Strengthen local communities and transform lives with technology through partnerships with non-profits around the globe.Cultivate a truly diverse and inclusive culture where all team members contribute fully with their talents and innovative ideas.From recycling the plastic in old electronics for new computers, to turning ocean-bound plastics into recyclable packaging, Dell Technologies is a world leader in establishing greater sustainability in the supply chain and realizing the associated benefits across the wider business. We are proud of our work in this area, and in addition to being recognized by the CSR Impact Awards, RCBC Environmental Awards and Fortune’s Change the World; Dell Technologies has been included in The 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies List for six consecutive years!It’s a shared responsibilityBy significantly driving up demand for sustainable offerings, a cumulative step-change can be achieved, though it won’t be a small step, by any means. It will require increased awareness among public buyers of the positive impact upon business and the environment, alongside a concurrent global shift in mindset that looks beyond price to favor a more holistic perspective towards procurement.This is very much a call for collaboration as no one business, organisation or public entity can shift the needle alone. As such, we’re committed to working together with our customers, colleagues and society to build a better, more sustainable future. We have one chance to act – to initiate a global sustainability movement which can bring tangible benefits to everyone – and the time is NOW.To answer our call to action and join us as we move towards a more sustainable future, visit the News Release.For more information on our social impact commitment, visit the Dell Technologies Social Impact space.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________About the co-authorLouise Koch is the Corporate Sustainability Director for Dell EMC in Europe, Middle East and Africa.Her work is driven by a passion to build a better world through business. Louise believes that business holds an unlimited potential to develop sustainable solutions by activating the power of innovation, business thinking, and global relations.Louise is the focal point for Dell’s corporate sustainability in EMEA, working closely with colleagues, customers and partners to share and develop Dell’s corporate sustainability program and identify new opportunities for business development through sustainability. As part of this role, Louise is driving a team of CSR Leads across Europe, providing insights for global strategy development in Dell, and engaging in government affairs dialogue on sustainable development policies, including advancing circular economy and sustainability in public procurement.Louise is an appointed member of the Danish Government’s Council for Sustainable Business & the UN Global Goals and serves as the Chairman of the Sustainability Council in the IT Industry Association in Denmark as well as a member of the Sustainability Council of the IT & Tele Industry Association in Sweden. In both positions, she is actively involved in policy dialogue with a particular focus on advancing sustainability in public procurement of IT solutions.She is also a recognized international expert on CSR and sustainable business development. Louise is a Member of Faculty at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability in Leadership, and a well-known speaker in media and at international CSR and sustainability conferences across Europe.Prior to joining Dell, Louise was Head of CSR for the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, where she built a dynamic platform for CSR and sustainable business development, counselling member companies on strategic CSR and driving public affairs issues in Denmark and the EU. She also served as a board member of the Danish Ethical Trade initiative and a national expert in the ICC Commission on CSR and Anti-corruption.In February 2016 Louise was listed as the Global 100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders by the organisation World CSR Day. She holds a master degree in Anthropology and innovation from the University of Copenhagen.last_img read more

Spacewalkers complete 4 years of power upgrades for station

first_imgCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A four-year effort to modernize the International Space Station’s power grid is finally complete. A pair of NASA astronauts installed the last battery during a spacewalk Monday, and the unit checked out well. It was the second spacewalk in five days for Mike Hopkins and Victor Glover. Over the weekend, flight controllers in Houston used the station’s big robot arm to replace the last batch of old batteries with a new, more powerful one. Hopkins and Glover quickly put the finishing touches on this newest lithium-ion battery. Their work completes a series of spacewalks that began in 2017.last_img read more