Spafford To Play NOLA Halloween Show; Here’s What They’ve Done In The Past

first_img[Audio: Grout]2014While the past two years have seen Spafford performing at Phoenix’s Last Exit Live, in 2014, Spafford hit the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, Arizona, for a special Halloween show following a Halloween-less 2013. 2014’s Halloween performance saw six cover debuts during the particularly cover-heavy set—the band only played a handful of originals, with “Weasel” working its way across the set plus lone renditions of “Leave The Light On”, “Electric Taco Stand”, and the show-closing “Walls.” Opening up with John Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme”, the band then moved through Sneaker Pimps’ “Six Underground” before landing in the triumphant and ever-crowd pleasing Legend of Zelda theme. After rotating across the Zelda and Halloween theme plus “Weasel”, the group also dropped renditions of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer’s “Lucky Man”, Don Cheek’s “Spell Yourself”, and Harry Belafonte’s “Banna Boat Song” and “Jump In The Line” before returning with the encore opening cover of Phish’s “Ghost.”Setlist: Spafford | Orpheum Theater| Flagstaff, AZ | 10/31/2014Set: Halloween Theme($) > Six Underground([email protected]) > Legend of Zelda($) > Weasel > Halloween Theme > Weasel > Legend of Zelda > Weasel, Leave The Light On, Lucky Man($#) > Electric Taco Stand, Spell Yourself($+), Banana Boat Song(!) > Jump In The Line(!)Encore – Ghost($&) > Walls$ – First Time [email protected] – Sneaker Pimps cover# – Emerson, Lake & Palmer cover+ – Don Cheek cover! – Harry Belafonte cover& – Phish cover [Video: AZ Dead]Setlist: Spafford | Last Exit Live | Phoenix, AZ | 10/31/2015Set One: My Heart Will Go On [ 1 ] > Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand [ 2 ] > Walk On The Wild Side [ 3 ] > Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand > All My Friends > Bee Jam > Backdoor Funk, Seven, PeopleSet Two: Banana Boat Song > Jump In The Line, Weasel > Red’s Jam > Weasel, Creep [ 4 ] > All In > My Heart Will Go On > All In > My Heart Will Go On > All InEncore: Home Sweet Home [ 5 ][ 1 ]: Celine Dion cover; [ 2 ]: Primitive Radio Gods cover; [ 3 ]: Lou Reed cover; [ 4 ]: Stone Temple Pilots cover; [ 5 ]: Motley Crüe cover [Audio: Grout]2015In 2015, Spafford again debuted numerous tunes uncharacteristic for the band, opening the show with a string of three covers to get fans in the proper Halloween spirit. Starting off a hilarious crowd-pleasing rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, the band jammed the beloved tune made famous from Titanic into Primitive Radio Gods’ “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand.” This cover then moved into a fairly quick rendition of Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” before returning to the group returned to the Primitive Radio Gods’ cover, giving it the full treatment with an extended jam clocking in at over ten minutes. The night also saw an appearance of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Creep” during the second set as well as an encore of Motley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home”, giving a nod to their triumphant return to their hometown.   2016Last year, Spafford debuted five new tunes during their 80’s-themed Halloween show (technically 10/29) at Last Exit Live in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Opening the show with the Ghostbusters theme song, the group invited saxophonist Mike Cunningham to join the band on set-closing renditions of the Herbie Hancock’s “Cantaloupe Island” and Todd Rundgren’s “Bang On The Drum All Day.” The group also managed to work in covers of Green Day’s “Longview” and Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” among more traditional numbers from their catalog during the night’s two sets, before fully closing out the night with an encore that saw “Leave The Light On” segue into a triumphant return to the show-opening Ghostbusters theme.Setlist: Spafford | Last Exit Live | Phoenix, AZ | 10/29/2016Set One: Ghostbusters [ 1 ] > Todd’s Tots, Ain’t That Wrong, Longview [ 2 ], Backdoor Funk, Cantaloupe Island [ 3 ]Set Two: Tainted Love [ 4 ], The Reprise > Salamander Song, America > Galisteo Way > Dis Go In 5? > Galisteo Way, Bang The Drum All Day [ 5 ]Encore: Leave The Light On > Ghostbusters[ 1 ]: First Time Played; [ 2 ]: First Time Played; [ 3 ]: With: Mike Cunningham, First Time Played; [ 4 ]: First Time Played; [ 5 ]: With: Mike Cunningham, First Time Played [Audio: Jordan Fairless] With Halloween just around the corner, Spafford fans are getting amped on what surprises the beloved holiday may hold this year. This year, the Arizona quartet will be hitting New Orleans on Halloween night for a special performance at Parish @ House of Blues along with friends and supporting act Southern Avenue. Spafford has become known for their legendary jam-fueled celebrations on the spooky holiday, with the group often debuting zany, out-of-left-field covers.Spafford Announces Three-Night New Year’s Eve RunTo get excited about Spafford’s upcoming Halloween rager, let’s take a look at what special moments the band has put together during Halloweens past. You can swoop tickets to Spafford’s upcoming Halloween show here. [Audio: Troy Mustachio]2012In 2013, the band skipped Halloween. However, 2014 and 2012 more than made up for the gap in spooky festivities. Looking back over the Halloween setlists from past years, even as Spafford was coming up and not the nationally recognized rising-star jam act they are today, the band was always attentive to give fans a special performance in honor of Halloween. In 2012, the group covered the Grateful Dead’s eerie disco hit “Feel Like A Stranger” and Harry Belafonte’s “Banana Boat Song” and “Jump In The Line” (a combo that also closed the set for Halloween of 2014) during the first set. An epic show-opening “Weasel” sandwich opened set two, which saw a cover of Doug Funnie’s “Bangin’ on a Trash Can” from Nickelodeon’s Doug, as well as covers of The Refreshments’ “Banditos”, Phish’s “Wolfman’s Brother” and “Waste”, and Men At Work’s “Down Under”, plus a rendition of “Funkadelic” housing teases of Phish’s “First Tube”,“Weasel” featuring “Bangin’ On A Trash Can” from DougSetlist: Spafford | Lyzzard’s Lounge | Prescott, AZ | 10/27/2012Set One: Electric Taco Stand, All My Friends > Bee Jam > Feel Like A Stranger*, Ain’t That Wrong, Walls, Banana Boat Song#, Jump In The Line#Set Two: Weasel > Bangin’ on a Trash Can $ > Weasel, Funkadelic > In The Eyes Of Thieves, Banditos @, Wolfman’s Brother &> Down Under% > Waste &, Galisteo Way* – Grateful Dead cover; # – Harry Belafonte cover; $ – Doug Funnie cover; @ – The Refreshments cover; % – Men At Work cover; & – Phish Coverlast_img read more

USC soccer introduces Fútbol Fridays

first_imgThe popularity and influence of soccer worldwide have finally garnered attention in the United States.In fact, the USA women’s soccer team’s recent run to the World Cup Finals against Japan was the second-highest rated women’s soccer match on U.S. television.With the recent success the USC women’s soccer team has had over the last four years, which includes its first NCAA title in 2007 and four straight appearances in the NCAA tournament since coach Ali Khosroshahin came to USC, it’s had more success than the football program in the past couple years.No one at USC is saying soccer has replaced football.In fact, it’s “fútbol” that has replaced “soccer.”That’s not a misspelling.The USC women’s soccer team has re-dubbed itself “USC fútbol,” as just one of countless marketing ideas the USC athletic department has implemented to increase interest in the program, which averaged just 369 fans per game at McAlister Field last season.The idea is the brainchild of USC coach Ali Khosroshahin, who for years has run a “’SC Fútbol Academy” summer camp program.“[Fútbol] is the word used to describe the sport in the majority of the world,” Khosroshahin said. “It’s really a name recognition thing more than anything else.”The idea has garnered tremendous support from everyone in the athletic department.Khosroshahin said he first took the idea to Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes. Together they took the idea to marketing, and from there to Athletic Director Pat Haden, all of whom Khosroshahin said were “fired up” about it.“With our location here in Los Angeles, it’s vital to try to find a way to fit into this community,” Associate Athletic Director of Marketing Craig Kelley said. “Some of the people here feel somewhat disconnected from us, and this is a sort of way to bring them in.”Khosroshahin also said he hopes the name change will help the community around USC relate to the sport.“We have an international community here,” Khosroshahin said. “So we thought, ‘This is the world’s sport, let’s put the international moniker on it as well and see if we can get our international alumni and students to come out.’”Nearly 1,500 fans turned out to watch USC take on Stanford at the Coliseum last season, and the program later broke the NCAA attendance record for a regular season women’s soccer matchup with a turnout of 8,527 at the Coliseum against UCLA. Otherwise, the highest attendance of the season was 603.“I’d like to hope that with the logo and referring to ourselves as ‘fútbol’ that we can pull that international interest that we have on campus,” Khosroshahin said. “It’s something you can get into. We want to get people to come out, and if they come out and see us once, it might intrigue them enough to come back.”This sentiment also was echoed by the marketing department.“Our premise from a marketing strategy is to really hone in on four or five events a year,” Kelley said. “To really focus on getting people out to those games. If the fans come out and enjoy themselves, they’re going to come back.”To draw to those select events, the marketing department has also started a “Food Truck Friday” tradition. Every Friday home game will feature two specialty food trucks at McAlister Field.“There are eight, nine food trucks around campus on any given day because the students like them so much,” Kelley said. “The soccer field is so close to The Row and University Avenue and those dorms right there. It’s an opportunity for us to try and fill McAlister to capacity.”Last Friday — opening day for the Women of Troy — featured a taco truck and an ice cream truck. The next Food Truck Friday is scheduled for Sept. 9, when the Women of Troy take on Oklahoma State in the Trojan Invitational Tournament.last_img read more

Texas Fans Think Big 12 Refs Are Racist Because NOW There’s Something Wrong with This Conference

first_imgThis is as rich as it gets. The mighty Scipio Tex of Barking Carnival (and I mean mighty not in jest because Scipio is as good a sportswriter as a sports blog deserves to have) wrote a piece on Saturday night about how the Big 12 has a big problem and that problem might be that its referees are racist (that post, lest you think this is me projecting one Texas fan’s thoughts upon all Texas fans, has over 1,200 comments).It also might be that its refs were cajoled from their $10 blackjack tables out west and handed a couple of striped shirts and a whistle. Or it might just be that Boone Pickens slipped a thick envelope underneath the little officials room door a couple of hours prior to kickoff on Saturday (he has donated $100 million to a pair of UT health care institutions, you know).AdChoices广告Here’s how the piece climaxes and then ends.Beyond the realm of pure fiction, all subjective calls went against Texas. Not many. Or an important one. All. This is what I like to call a pattern. We just watched a fixed football game. The first I’ve ever seen or can recall in all of my years. What’s the Big 12 going to do? Nothing, that’s what.That’s pretty rich, isn’t it?The Big 12, which had a rocket launcher held to its temple a few years ago by Texas until it was given its $15 million/year network and, in doing so, stripped half of the rest of the teams (including Oklahoma State) of the ability to make a healthy amount of dough on third-tier rights, now has a bias problem after three whiffed calls in a crap game in mid-September.[Jennifer Lawrence thumbs up emoji]Look, you’ll get no argument from me that OSU was given a gift on Saturday in Austin. It’s a game it somehow both should have won by three touchdowns and lost by two. But to invoke Tim Donaghy and make it only like the 11th least-plausible reason behind the loss is the height of Texas fans’ inability to handle its new (probably temporary) spot in the college football kingdom.This is what it feels like to suck, Texas. Every call goes against you. Every ball bounces the other way. Every mistake is exacerbated. I know you’re not used to trading the Range Rover for a Taurus and having to get a 9-5 job that pays less than you used to pay the live-in nanny, but this is how the rest of us have always lived. Time to deal with it.Or maybe not.Texas fans don’t enjoy success as much as they pat it on the head and tuck it away in a little suitcase of aristocracy that they consider to be the God-given right of having been delivered into the 40 acres from birth (and whisked away by three midwifes and a wet nurse immediately, of course).Conference titles are barely a reason to maybe whip out the crystal shot glasses and pour the above average bourbon. National titles are slid in as talking points for the next Capulet Masquerade.So how do you expect them to handle going 1-3 for the first time since 1956?I guess this is what fans of the rest of the teams in the league have to get used to. Texas is like the fat kid at recess who chortles when he sits on smaller children but weeps uncontrollable alligator tears when a 1st grader cuts him in the lunch line. It’s a cold world.Every person who’s ever written a blog post about referees starts with some version of “I don’t normally complain about the refs, but …” The one I liked above is not exempt.Yeah, you got a couple of bad calls and and one indefensible holding penalty late in the game that cost you one of your four wins this season. That’s a bitter taste, isn’t it? The rest of us know it well.I’m guessing one of the zebras was suspended from midfield by an invisible zipline and tilted a pocket-sized mirror just right so your punter couldn’t see the snap, too, right?I’m guessing a Big 12 VP slithered down to Oklahoma State’s locker room at halftime and slid Glenn Spencer a notebook with every play Texas was planning to run in the second half of the game (which, come to think of it, would have taken about 90 seconds to sit down and draw up).I do love that there was a college football game played in which the headsets on the Oklahoma State sidelines worked only intermittently and not at all for most of the time — a situation that made Spencer say “I have never coached a game like that in my life” — but that wasn’t the conspiracy that was bemoaned afterwards.The question is, if you’re Texas, how do you recover from devastation like this? It’s one thing for Baylor or Texas Tech to be on the receiving end of a blunt blow to the middle of the face from their own conference because they’re used to it. In Austin? Not so much. The gifts have always flowed.Might be time to take your ball failing network and go home play Notre Dame 12 times a year.[1. Actually, judging from the first week of the season, that might be a bad idea.] At least then, your self-aggrandizing could fall on ears that are used to hearing it. Somehow, you’d both claim to have finished 11-1.You could rid yourself of this woeful excuse for a conference and everything that comes with being the ugly stepchild moniker that has so inappropriately been delivered to you. Honestly, this is how children act. I have a couple of them. Authority is to be praised — whether it’s worthy of it or not — until said authority turns on you. Big 12 refs suck. We get it. All refs suck. We get that too. They don’t only suck because you’re the offended party.On the other hand, I do feel bad for Texas, I guess.Now they’re going to miss a bowl game by three wins instead of just two. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Netflix is searching for a new marketing boss afte

first_imgNetflix is searching for a new marketing boss after veteran chief marketing officer Leslie Kilgore was moved to non-executive director of the Netflix board.Jessie Becker, who was previously vice-president, marketing, will become chief marketing officer on an interim basis, while the company conducts an external search. Kilgore has been with Netflix for the last 12 years after previously having worked at Amazon and Proctor & Gamble.Separately, Netflix has promoted Jonathan Friedland as chief communications officer. Both Becker and Friedland report to Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings.last_img read more