Watch The Sydney Opera House Transform Before Your Eyes In This Riveting Audiovisual Spectacle [Video]

first_imgThe Sydney Opera House, one of the most distinctive and well-known buildings in the world, was illuminated in awe-inspiring fashion this weekend. Beginning on May 25th, the opera house was cast in 3D projections mapped to its universally recognizable facade and synced to an ethereal soundtrack produced in part by Eprom, along with UK producer Air Max ’97, and Canadian producer x/o. The display, which will run multiple times nightly through June 16th, is part of the Vivid Sydney Light Festival, which brings various luminous wonders to the Australian waterfront city.According to Billboard, the 15-minute audiovisual display, dubbed METAMATHEMAGICAL, was spearheaded by multi-discipline artist Jonathan Zawada, who also designed the cover art for Flume‘s award-winning 2016 album, Skin.Digitally mapped 3D projections have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the boundaries of the technology are still being pressed. With the unusual structure and shape of the Sydney Opera House as a canvas, the artists were able to take it to some truly incredible places. As Eprom notes, “The installation will play as part of Sydney’s Vivid festival, as versicolored 3D images transform the sails of the Opera House into something entirely otherworldly.”Strap in an watch the amazing video below via Eprom (skip to 13:30 for the start of the show)… You may have seen a light show projected on a building before, but you’ve definitely never seen anything quite like this.[H/T Billboard]last_img read more

Open thread What advice would you give yourself on Leaving Cert results

first_imgEmbrace the art of positive spin. How you sell your results to your parents will be the impression the rest of your family get, so don’t talk about how you should’ve studied more.Just getting into college gives you plenty of options so don’t obsess on what choice you got. to the weirdly specific…Don’t worry about failing chemistry, it’s your fault for taking it just because you fancied the teacher anyway.And from brutal honesty…Get a haircut. IF YOU GREW up in Ireland, you’ll be only too familiar with the crippling, overwhelming fear that comes with Leaving Cert results day.Your future happiness, all your chances in life, are hanging in the balance.Your entire fate rests in the three digits that are about to be revealed to you – or does it?Hundreds of thousands of young men and women are about to go through that ritual nightmare when they get their results this coming Wednesday, so we thought we’d test the idea that this set of exams determines the course of the rest of your life.Imagine you could travel back in time, and for some masochistic reason you picked that day, of all days, to return to – what would say to your poor, terrified 17 or 18-year-old self?Whether you walked away with 600 points without breaking a sweat, or missed out on your first five CAO choices, you know a lot more now than you thought you did five, 10, 30 years ago.This question provoked an avalanche of beard-stroking nostalgia and unresolved bitterness among the team at – here’s a flavour of the responses, which ranged from the philosophical…center_img …to hard-won wisdom…Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.Enough about us – this is your chance to roll back the years, maybe save a few quid on therapy, and speak directly to your former self.So – what advice would you give yourself on Leaving Cert results day? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.last_img read more